Author: Mike Garrity



Harvard is certainly the place to be for jazz this term. In addition to having Herbie Hancock as the Norton professor, Vijay Iyer is now a professor there too. I guess because having just...

Herbie @ Harvard 1

Herbie @ Harvard

I’m very disappointed that I haven’t been able to attend any of the talks which Herbie Hancock has been given during his tenure in the Charles Eliot Norton Professorship here in town this year....


Making a List

I have all the parts I need off the old Miata. Now I’m going through checking each of them and making a list of which I can keep, and which I need to replace...

Trials 0


XCAR recently posted this video about the history of the Lotus 7. It’s pretty interesting because it has a lot about Sporting Trials, which is a fascinating sport which we don’t hear much about on this...


Back Home

We just got back from a week visiting my parents in Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect. The only clouds we saw all week were from the top.


Plenty of Potatoes for Boston Area

When I was getting the garage ready for the new project, I wanted to improve the insulation so that it’d be a little warmer this winter. As part of that, I took the window...



We’ve recently been playing with an interesting program called WebIDE by Tyler Cooper. You install it on a Raspberry Pi and it starts a little web server. You connect to this with a browser...


Point Loma

Last week my company had a big meeting in San Diego. It was a nice break from the cold weather we’ve been having here. So on Saturday a group of us decided to play...



I’ve finished installing panels for a while. I have all of the major panels on except for one side of the tunnel, which I left off to make it easier to install the differential...



My mother got a scanner for Christmas and has been scanning lots of old photos. Look what she just sent me: That’s the old MG I’ve still got out back. I think that this...