Author: Mike Garrity



Are you in the market for a car? One of my favorites is about to cross the block. It’s the car that I was talking about back in June. The one which Caroll Shelby...


Peddocks Island

This summer they started running a water taxi from Georges Island to Peddocks Island in the Boston Harbor Islands park. We finally got a chance to go out there today. It was very foggy...


Blue Moon

Tonight is a blue moon. That means a second full moon in a month. I expect that this one’s for Neil. Make sure you get outside and take a look at it.


Fred Data

Listening to the news from the RNC convention this week, I’ve been suffering from a bit of cognitive dissonance. A number of the economic “facts” they’ve been quoting don’t seem to jibe with what...


National Museum of the USAF

We’re back home from taking Tom to college. On the way out, we made a couple of short stops to break up the trip. While we were passing through Dayton, we spent an hour...

Son of Boss 1

Son of Boss

Peter Reilly has an interesting theory on what’s behind Mitt not releasing his old tax returns. Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt, because it’s Forbes magazine, and you know...



We went to see Coriolanus at Shakespeare on the Common last night. This year, before the play each night, they have a band from the NEC playing on stage. Last night, they had Michael...

On the road with Mitt 0

On the road with Mitt

Our former governor’s having a nice trip this summer, isn’t he? I liked the Guardian’s quote from Carl Lewis today. Some Americans shouldn’t leave the country. It probably would have been a lot smarter...



I’m no great shakes at identifying fungi, but I’m pretty sure that this cutey I found growing in Turkey Patch is a member of the famous Amanita genus. That’s definitely a genus you treat...


The Mathematics of Tomato Cages

Chris recently bought some new cages for supporting the tomatoes. They’re a bit fancier than our old ones. They look like this: There are three poles which you stick into the dirt. Then you...