Author: Mike Garrity

TED Alternatives 0

TED Alternatives

Have you watched all of the TED Talk videos? Have you been looking for some other source of bite sized “big ideas” in web video format? There are alternatives out there. For example, The...

Get The Details 0

Get The Details

I love this simple little website that the DNC put up about Romney’s tax plan. It reminds me of a demo at SIGCHI many years ago. I’ve forgotten the name, or who wrote it,...


Three Polyhedra

Peter’s Geometry homework this week was to build a polyhedron. He got a little carried away and created this family of three. Aren’t they pretty? The one in the front is the cuboctahedron. The...

Month of the Hexaflexagon 1

Month of the Hexaflexagon

You know we love hexaflexagons. And you know we love Vi Hart. So when our favorite math doodler does a series on our favorite folded paper construction, you know we need to make sure...

Senator ATM 0

Senator ATM

Simon Johnson does a good job today of explaining what’s at stake in the Mass Senate race this year. His bottom line: Vote for Scott Brown if you want to hand the megabanks a...


The Boston Cup

There was a big car show on the Boston Common today. Here are some pictures of the Concours d’Elegance. We missed Sunday in the Park at Lime Rock this year so it was nice...


Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6

This is a fairly pointless collection of photos, but I was messing around with a new lens today. The office has been a construction zone for months now, so the easiest shots to get...



Are you in the market for a car? One of my favorites is about to cross the block. It’s the car that I was talking about back in June. The one which Caroll Shelby...


Peddocks Island

This summer they started running a water taxi from Georges Island to Peddocks Island in the Boston Harbor Islands park. We finally got a chance to go out there today. It was very foggy...


Blue Moon

Tonight is a blue moon. That means a second full moon in a month. I expect that this one’s for Neil. Make sure you get outside and take a look at it.