Author: Mike Garrity

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Station 42058

I don’t know whether you saw this post I did on my MathWorks blog, but I find the NOAA weather buoys pretty fascinating. You can look up a buoy and get all sorts of...

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Golden Guide

Hemmings just had a blog post that really tickled me. It was about an obscure old book called The Golden Guide to Sports Cars. Well I had a copy of that book when I...

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Chris & I just got back from 10 days in the Greece. We had a great time, although getting there and back was a bit of a project. Between planes, taxis, and ferries, the...

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Developing Hilbert Curve

Henry Segerman has a new book coming out. While waiting for my copy to come, I decided to print one of his examples. This is one he calls “Developing Hilbert Curve“. I think it...

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Hackathon/Bogrács Gulyás

At work this weekend, we had a hackathon. Everyone was making cool stuff and trying out crazy ideas. Of course, even when you’re hacking, you need to do things right. And that includes safety...

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So I’ve invested a ridiculous amount of time into getting the windshield wipers sorted. It seems like a silly thing to put that much work into on a car which doesn’t even have a...

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I’ve been enjoying Bunnie Huang‘s latest series, but this one’s especially provocative, isn’t it? What do you think?

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Word for the Day

Here’s my favorite word I learned this week: Agnotology It’s the study of “culturally induced ignorance or doubt”. In other words, the study of the act of convincing the public to believe things that...

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Fun in the Sun

We got the Westfield out of the garage this morning. There was a lot of fussing about ground clearance. It was pretty tight. Once it was out in the sun, we could see how...