Author: Mike Garrity

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I finished off the area between the scuttle and the engine this weekend. It holds the pedal box, the battery, and the header tank for the cooling system. You can see the last two...

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Brake Light

The Westfield is so low that being seen by other drivers is going to be a big challenge. Because of this, I knew that I wanted a really bright 3rd brake light that was...

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I needed to do some work on the shifter because of this rip in the boot: When I had it apart, I found this: That little white bushing in the slot should be symmetric....

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Engine In

We got the engine in this weekend: It went pretty smoothly and everything lined up nicely, even the scary hole in the side of the bodywork where the exhaust exits: Here are some action...

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Get Down

Three garage days in a row was exactly what the doctor ordered. I got a lot done on the car this weekend. I started out by building a new bracket for the fuel pump....

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Fitting Rear

I got the rear end of the body attached this weekend. This involved drilling a few scary holes, but they all turned out pretty well.

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RenderScript on Tango

This one’s mostly a note for myself. I just got RenderScript working with AndroidStudio for my Tango tablet. It’s not well documented, and it seems to be a moving target, so here’s what I...

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Fitting Bodywork

This was a busy weekend in the garage. I’m starting to install the body on the Westfield. That involves a lot of fiddling around to get all of the joints to come out nice...

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OpenCV for Android

I recently got a Project Tango device. I hadn’t done much programming for it before I realized that it’d be really nice to have OpenCV library for programming it. Luckily there’s a port! Last...

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Old Friends

Peter and I just got back from visiting colleges on the west coast. While we were there, he met something I used to spend a lot of time with: … and some people he used to spend...