Author: Mike Garrity

Fuse 1 Tested

Sean Charlesworth from Tested stopped by the office this weekend. He made this cool video about our newest printer, the Fuse 1. Check it out, he and Eduardo did a great job of showing...



The snow is finally gone, and the daffodils are out. Time to get the car out and wash the winter dust off.


Bonnie Stewart Building Blocks

As you know, I’m really into polyhedra. There have been lots of fascinating books written about polyhedra over the years, but one of the most interesting (and quirky) ones is Bonnie Stewart’s Adventures among...


Vacuum Pump

One tool I haven’t owned is a vacuum pump. That’s because good vacuum pumps are expensive, and cheap vacuum pumps are – well – they’re not good vacuum pumps. So I finally decided to...


Császár Polyhedron

Here’s another interesting polyhedron. It is called the Császár polyhedron. It’s famous because it shares an interesting property with the tetrahedron. Neither of these have any diagonals! If you imagine a tetrahedron (or hold...


Kepler’s Rhombic Polyhedra

Johannes Kepler was an interesting character. He was interested in a lot more than just astronomy. He’s famous among aficionados of polyhedra for organizing all of the new ones that Renaissance artists Wenzel Jamnitzer...


Fire Extinguisher Bracket

Every car should probably have a fire extinguisher on board. That’s especially true for a home-built car. But the Westfield is pretty tiny, and finding room for the extinguisher has been a challenge. I...


Barth Sextic

The Barth Sextic is an interesting surface that’s often used to show off rendering software. I used it in this post on my MathWorks blog when I was talking about how to render implicit...