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I recently got a Xoom to do some hacking around with Honeycomb. I just got Motorola’s drivers installed and got hooked up to it with DDMS. Here’s a screen capture of the RGB Cube...

Minecraft Terrain Generation 0

Minecraft Terrain Generation

Peter has been completely hooked on Minecraft for months now. He has lots of great stories to tell about managing a server, writing mods and all sorts of other things, but I haven’t been...

Daniel Shiffman Interview 0

Daniel Shiffman Interview

I really enjoyed this interview with Daniel Shiffman by Mark Webster that I ran into on Ben Fry’s twitter stream. Daniel Shiffman from Mark Webster on Vimeo.

Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet 0

Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet

The other day, John D. Cook posted a link to Steve Seiden’s wonderful Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet. All of the mathematics a programmer will ever need crammed into 10 pages. You can get...


Minesweeper & P!=NP

You’ve probably heard about Vinay Deolalikar’s proof that P != NP. Are you confused about what it means? Ian Stewart has a nice explanation which involves minesweeper. Minesweeper is actually an interesting little game...


XBox Programming Class

This week I learned how to program the XBox. I took a class at Minuteman High School which was put on by Robotech Center. I thought it was very fun and educating. I learned...



You may have seen in the news the other day that Google is buying ITA. It’s an interesting news item for the reason others have noted. ITA wrote the software which is at the...

Rooting a Nook 0

Rooting a Nook

As you might have noticed, there’s a bit of a price war going on in eReaders. We got a Nook the other day. We chose it over the Kindle because it is more hackable....


Scratch Day 2010

Today was Scratch Day, a worldwide network of gatherings where people meet up and celebrate and learn about Scratch. We had our own Scratch Club Open House at Clarke yesterday, where the Scratch Club...


RAM is 59

Today is the anniversary of the day on which Jay Forrester patented the first really practical RAM. I worked for him in school doing odd jobs around the office when I was in school....