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Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Here’s what we’re doing tonight – tracking Santa (from NORAD). That’s right after our traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner (Cheese fondue with Chocolate fondue for dessert).



This is my new invention I call it the Piepod™ (not really trademarked but it is always fun to imagine). The Piepod™ is my new mp3 player that I created. Sadly the Piepod™ does...


Rainy morning

This morning it was simply pouring rain and I didn’t think I’d get a walk at all before work. However, as I was checking my email the clouds suddenly blew apart and the sun...



This weekend, I needed to move a pipe to add a hookup for the icemaker in a new fridge. The pipe’s in a cramped wall between the downstairs shower and the alcove the fridge...


LHS GWAC Band Night

I performed at Band Night on Friday the 13th as part of the band I am in, The Caterwaulers.We performed 3 songs, 2 original and 1 cover. The order was “Firedancer” (Original), “Love In...

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Here’s another Processing applet. It’s a variant of Bees, but it uses a Mexican Hat function for computing the force. Basically that means that they’ll try to stay a specific distance (in this case...

Skiing Robot 0

Skiing Robot

Now that we’ve had snow (twice already), it’s time to get some inspiration for winter time projects. If you want to think big, check out this one from the Jozef Stefan Institute in Slovenia....


Glad you’re not here?

Yup, it’s snowing today. This is as early as I can remember the first snow of the season around here. It’s not sticking on the ground as that’s still too warm, but there’s definitely...


Charbucks and the iPhone

Ken Perlin has an interesting theory about why Starbucks coffee tastes the way it does and how that relates to the sensitivity of the iPhone’s touch pad. Why is it that the quality of...


Gone Fishin’

There’s not going to be a lot of posts for a while, because we’re here: View Larger Map We’ll tell you all about it when we get back. Until then, there’s not going to...