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30 years ago today

Thirty years ago today I was supposed to be writing a paper for history class. Instead I was glued to the tiny black and white TV in my sister’s room watching the news unfold...


Friends & Relations

Just like Rabbit, we have lots of friends & relations. Unlike Rabbit, many of ours live in Vermont not the Hundred Acre Wood. This weekend we went up to Vermont for a memorial service...

A4 Teardown 0

A4 Teardown

Because Apple didn’t use an off the shelf processor for the iPad, there’s been a lot of speculation about exactly what’s inside it. The guys at iFixit, with some help from Chipworks, have posted...



It pretty much rained here for the entire month of March. Half the roads between here and work are underwater. Traffic’s a complete mess. People are commuting by duck boat. Part of the Green...



I know these are the easiest orchids to grow, but I’ve never actually managed to get one to rebloom before. That is, they’re usually blooming when you buy them, and the flowers eventually fade. ...

Top Down 0

Top Down

The rain in Boston this week has been truly biblical. Chris and I were downtown last night. Every building we entered had buckets scattered around to deal with the leaks. Walking outside, the rain...

Fifty Dangerous Things 0

Fifty Dangerous Things

Do you remember our earlier post about Gever Tulley? Well he has a book out now on the same subject. I haven’t read it yet, but the table of contents includes good projects like:...


Little Things

I enjoyed this diagram from FlowingData. Unfortunately the kids have been sliding down the left side just as I’ve been climbing up the right side.


New Year’s Day

We had our annual New Year’s day brunch today. Lots of people turned up. Lots of teenagers, A few little kids, and lots of old friends. There was tons of good food as usual...


Walden Pond

Yesterday we walked around Walden Pond so that everyone could get a good appetite for the roast beast. The boys brought the marshmallow shooters they got for Christmas. They chased each other around the...