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I’ve been enjoying Bunnie Huang‘s latest series, but this one’s especially provocative, isn’t it? What do you think?

Word for the Day 0

Word for the Day

Here’s my favorite word I learned this week: Agnotology It’s the study of “culturally induced ignorance or doubt”. In other words, the study of the act of convincing the public to believe things that...


Shaper Origin Demo

One of the most interesting tools I’ve seen recently is the Origin CNC router from Shaper. It’s a hand router that moves the head relative to the base to compensate for errors in how...


Mathworker to Formling

So last week, I was working here: And this week, I’m working here: Pretty nice, huh? Anyways, after almost 15 years in the burbs, I’m having a lot of fun being in Somerville at...



Tom & I did some upgrade surgery on our house’s main machine this weekend. We went with this Mini-ITX motherboard. It looks so cute, doesn’t it? What do you think it’s going to look...

Mary Anne goes to London 0

Mary Anne goes to London

One of my favorite books when I was little was Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. If you don’t remember it, it’s about a competition between diggers. Our hero, Mike Mulligan, and his antiquated digger...



Have you ever wondered how this stuff was made? Of course you have. That’s the sort of thing that I think about all the time. Well, Evil Mad Scientist has the answer, and it’s...


How Cold Was It?

Nate Silver (of election night fame) has launched his new journalism site called FiveThirtyEight. One of the first articles up is about this winter’s weather. It’s called This Winter Wasn’t the Coldest, But It...