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Byron the Bulb goes Web 2.0

If you’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow, you’ll remember the story of Byron the Bulb (if not you can read the excerpt here). He’s a conscious, immortal light bulb who was born in Budapest before the...


What’s the French for Encore?

One of the events in Boston every summer is the Bastille Day party at the French Library. We’d always heard that it was great fun. They close off part of Marlborough street and have...

Pioppi 0


There was an interesting article on NPR this morning about how diets are changing in Italy. They visited Pioppi, where Ancel Keys first came up with the idea of the Mediterranean diet. Today the...

Tukboki 0


Tonight we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant. I felt like trying something new, so I looked down the menu and ordered a Korean dish named Tukboki. After the waitress had left, the owner...

UCSD Pascal 0

UCSD Pascal

This month’s IEEE Spectrum has a cute article about UCSD Pascal and how it influenced Java. I used UCSD Pascal at my first job out of college. We were doing stress analysis with ADLPipe...



On Saturday, we climbed Middle & North Sugarloaf in the White Mountains. The weather was great (much better than the same day last year). These are easy hikes, although the end of Middle Sugarloaf...


Photoshopping Fireworks

Grumping about what the national TV broadcast has done the the 4th of July Pops concert has become a family hobby in recent years. This year they really outdid themselves by cutting away to...


Greetings to my Parental Units

Tom’s in New Zealand for a couple of weeks. We asked him to stay in touch, but weren’t really expecting much. Yesterday, this came: Sounds like he’s adjusting quite well.


More Glass

Pete finished his glassblowing class. Today he  brought home the rest of the things he made in class. Here are pictures of some of them: I like the variety of different techniques they taught...