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Schubert Quintet 0

Schubert Quintet

Last night we went to Jordan Hall to hear the Tokyo Quartet and Lynn Harrell perform the Schubert Quintet. It’s an amazing piece of music on several levels. It was a major influence on...

Processing.js Reaches 1.0 0

Processing.js Reaches 1.0

Yeah! We’ve been spending most of our Processing cycles lately with the Android version, but it’s really nice to hear that the JavaScript version just turned 1. Go check it out here.


20 Things About the Web

Confused about the alphabet soup of cool new features which make your web browser work today? Christoph Niemann has created a really cute and gentle introduction for the noob. Highly recommended, but it’s probably...



The previous post was about the city of Carcassonne. This post is related to that, but is about something slightly different, namely the board game of Carcassonne. The board game has each player take...



Yesterday we visited Carcassonne. It was interesting to see the real city as we’ve been playing the game Carcassonne for years. Early parts of the castle are Roman, but came to look like the...

Cooks Source 1

Cooks Source

We post a lot of recipes on this blog, so we’ve been following this week’s Cooks Source scandal with interest. If you haven’t heard the story, there was a pretty good story about it...



Even on a somewhat rainy day Mirepoix is quite charming. You can find more pictures on flickr.


Dr. Seuss Pie

This tasty treat is easy to make, and a great dessert for when your mother is out of town. This recipe was created the first night our mother was gone. Dr. Seuss Pie 1...



Today to avoid the general strike in France we actually went up into the Pyrenées to Pas de la Casa in Andorra. Unfortunately I too busy enjoying the scenery on the way up to...


Processing for Android

We started messing around with the Android version of Processing the other day. It was really easy to get some of our old sketches running on the emulator. Most sketches only required a one...