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Today to avoid the general strike in France we actually went up into the Pyrenées to Pas de la Casa in Andorra. Unfortunately I too busy enjoying the scenery on the way up to...


Processing for Android

We started messing around with the Android version of Processing the other day. It was really easy to get some of our old sketches running on the emulator. Most sketches only required a one...

Wagah 0


Last year, Tom was doing a report about India for school. He was trying to think of things to write about, so we told him about Wagah. That’s the border crossing into Pakistan on...

The “Lie” of Economics 0

The “Lie” of Economics

I really enjoyed the first two paragraphs of this book review by William Davies: Every orthodox economics education begins with a lie. This is that, in the vernacular of neo-classical economics, we can and...


Unlimited water and the lava falls

These pictures are of some things I created in the game minecraft(read my previous post for more information on the game). The first picture is of something which will allow me to use a...

Daniel Shiffman Interview 0

Daniel Shiffman Interview

I really enjoyed this interview with Daniel Shiffman by Mark Webster that I ran into on Ben Fry’s twitter stream. Daniel Shiffman from Mark Webster on Vimeo.


Head of the Charles

Here are some pictures we took at the Head of the Charles on Saturday. There was lots of good food there. I think that this is the only picture I have of Peter where...



Dad showed me this awesome game called minecraft. The free version is just something that you can walk around in and add or remove blocks. To remove a block you press the left mouse...


Media Lab 25th Anniversary

At this time of year the folks at the Media Lab usually demo the things they’re working on to the sponsors. This year the fall sponsor meeting was taken to the next level by...

Education Nation Scorecard 0

Education Nation Scorecard

Have you seen this? It’s an interesting, interactive tool for showing your local schools’ assessment statistics to other schools. It has a couple of odd UI problems (maps without pan/zoom, important info hiding “below...