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2010: Year in Review

It’s been another great year at the Garritys. Tom is a junior in high school and Peter is in 8th grade, his final year of middle school. Peter has really shot up this year...

Vi Hart 0

Vi Hart

Like everyone who is interested in polyhedra, I’ve been a big fan of George Hart’s work for many years. I recently ran into his daughter’s blog. It’s fabulous. You have to check it out....


New Computer

I recently built a new computer. I am, in fact, using said computer to type this post. I bought all of the components individually from Newegg, and put them all together myself. This was...

Tax Cut Deal 0

Tax Cut Deal

Since I’ve opined several times here on the federal budget, I should probably give my $0.02 on this week’s news. I wouldn’t presume to know whether or not this is really the best compromise...

Friday Night Videos 0

Friday Night Videos

Here’s what we’ve been watching this week. Jarrett Heather’s video for Jonathan Coulton’s song Shop Vac. and Kent Jenkins playing everything from Mozart to Lady Gaga on his PVC tubing. Chris isn’t too happy...

The Amoeba’s Tale 0

The Amoeba’s Tale

I mentioned Margret Atwood’s Twitter experiences back in March. The Guardian posted a nice interview with her the other day. It touches on science, literature, comics, hockey, and her new invention the Long Pen....


The Day After Thanksgiving

What did you do for Thanksgiving? We ripped our kitchen apart. This is what it looked like before we started. See that upper cupboard over the peninsula? We decided that it makes the counter...

Karma and the Tea Party 0

Karma and the Tea Party

Jonathan Haidt had an interesting article about Libertarians in the Wall Street Journal the other day. He claims that it’s all about karma. Nice update on the earlier interview I linked to back here.