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Intel i860

I was going through some old boxes in the attic the other day, and I ran into a tray full of these.   That’s a chip called the i860. Intel made them from about...

Laundry Robots 0

Laundry Robots

I can’t get very excited about robots that vacuum or clean gutters, but robots that fold laundry. Now you’re talking! via BoingBoing It’s fun to watch, isn’t it? Now if they can just teach...



It pretty much rained here for the entire month of March. Half the roads between here and work are underwater. Traffic’s a complete mess. People are commuting by duck boat. Part of the Green...


How To Deal With Spam

Do you have a problem with SPAM? What are you doing to fight SPAM? The SPAM problem seems to get worse every year. Do you need some better ideas on how to deal with...

Like Having Fairies at the Bottom of Your Garden 0

Like Having Fairies at the Bottom of Your Garden

Margaret Atwood tweets. She posted a delightful essay about the experience at the New York Review of Books blog. She describes it as having 33,000 precocious grandchildren.

Photoshop Features 0

Photoshop Features

The next version of Adobe Photoshop comes out soon. This video shows off some of the neat new features that are useful for publishing and web production. But Tom & Pete were much more...

Versions of Avatar 0

Versions of Avatar

The kids both really enjoyed Avatar. Do you realize how many different versions of the movie they created? This article says that there were a total of 100 different “prints”. The variables include: 3...

Disabling Cars Remotely 0

Disabling Cars Remotely

Did you see this news article the other day? A car dealer in Austin fired an employee. He got mad and hacked into their computer and started disabling customers’ cars. Did you know that...


Habib Koité

We’ve been listening to a lot of music from Africa recently; especially from Mali. One of our favorites is Habib Koité. We got a chance to hear him live last night at the Somerville...



We found this cool program called Flame. It’s a Processing app written by Peter Blaškovič. It lets you paint with a paintbrush made of particles which chase the mouse around. You can make really...