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Nicholas Carr Can’t Concentrate 2

Nicholas Carr Can’t Concentrate

Nicholoas Carr’s recent book The Shallows (and the article it’s based on in The Atlantic, and a more recent one in The Wall Street Journal) really bugged me. His basic argument is that reading...

DNA Testing Dogs 0

DNA Testing Dogs

All Things Considered had a couple of funny articles this week about a couple getting a DNA test for their dog. The first part is here. The second part is here.



23andme, the DNA testing service we mentioned the other day is in the news again. Not in a good way I’m afraid. They just announced that they scrambled 96 customers’ samples and posted the...

Blog Changes 0

Blog Changes

I’ve been messing around with the blog’s formatting recently. The intent is to make it easier to read. Tell me if it causes any problems with your browser, or if you don’t like something...

Time Flies Like an Arrow 0

Time Flies Like an Arrow

The current issue of Scientific American has an interesting article by Craig Callender. It’s called Is Time an Illusion? (it’s behind a paywall here). The article is about the fact that most of the...


Ixtoc 1

A number of people I’ve talked to recently about the Deepwater Horizon blowout have been surprised to hear that there was a very similar accident in the Gulf of Mexico 30 years ago. The...


Memorial Day Weekend

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend this year, and fortunately the weather was perfect! The pool opened on Saturday, and I had to get all of the lifeguards’ schedules completed. We also had...

Cory Doctorow Interview 0

Cory Doctorow Interview

ABC news interviewed Cory Doctorow. You can watch the interview here. I agree with his opinion about the iPad. He also talks about his new book which I have ordered and am looking forward...



You may have seen personal genomics in the news recently. This term refers to companies like Pathway Genomics, 23andme, and Navigenics which will do DNA testing for you. They sell you a kit which...