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It’s Alive!

So this happened today. Shortly after that, the neighbors noticed all the commotion and came over, so we did another take.


More Scary Holes

So the next thing I had to do after making my nice dash was to cut a bunch of holes in it. That made me a bit nervous. I got a lot of the...


Hammer(form) Time!

One piece of the Westfield kit that I didn’t like was the dash. It uses the instrument pod from Miata, and put it into a flimsy plastic molding. The result just didn’t look right,...

Stalker MX5 0

Stalker MX5

If my Westfield project has given you the urge to follow along, there’s a new option you should be aware of. Brunton has just announced a version of their Stalker kit that is based...


Cars of the Mojave

After we dropped Peter at college last weekend, we’ve been hiking in and around Joshua Tree. We’ve been a bit surprised by the number of fine, classic cars in the area. Here are some...



I finished off the area between the scuttle and the engine this weekend. It holds the pedal box, the battery, and the header tank for the cooling system. You can see the last two...

Blueberry Peach Pie 0

Pastry (and Blueberry Peach Pie)

Tom has been saying for a while that he wanted a reminder of how to make pastry for pies. Summer is not the best time to make pastry, especially when it’s hot and muggy....


Brake Light

The Westfield is so low that being seen by other drivers is going to be a big challenge. Because of this, I knew that I wanted a really bright 3rd brake light that was...


Chorizo, Egg, and Onion Sandwiches

A few weeks ago I had to make dinner for myself and Peter, and wanted to do sausages, but the store didn’t have any sausage rolls, so I decided to make more of a...