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I got the differential into the Westfield today. That’s a big step, and I’m pretty excited. It’s  very heavy, so I used the engine hoist, and enlisted Peter’s help. It went in pretty smoothly,...



As I’ve mentioned before, assembling the Westfield often involves a bit of fettling. There are a number of tools which are useful for fettling, such as files. But my personal favorite is the adjustable...


Lemony Baked Scrod

Baked Scrod is a traditional New England dish. Where the word scrod comes from is up for debate. But most people in New England understand it to mean cod or other similar white fish...


Brakepipe Clips

I finally got the last brakeline installed in the Westfield this weekend. While working on them, I got pretty sick of these things. That’s a brakepipe clip. It’s used to hold the hard brakelines....

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Awaiting Picture

The Westfield isn’t exactly a tab A in slot B sort of project. There’s a lot of puzzling about exactly how things go together. At the moment, I’m sorting all of the suspension bits....

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Processing Test

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but all of our old process sketches have been dead since we switched to WordPress. We were embedding them with iframe, and WordPress thought that wasn’t safe. I’ve...


FIRST Worlds

We spent half of last week at the World Championships for FIRST. This is the organization which Dean Kamen started in New Hampshire 25 years ago to show kids that engineering can be fun...



Spring seems to really be here at last. We’ve had snowdrops and crocuses for a while now, but this weekend the daffodils opened up. It’s awfully nice to see them after that long winter.


Before & After

I spend a lot of time cleaning up old photographs. I don’t really enjoy talking about the mechanics of the process. I guess that it ruins the zen of it. But Chris keeps saying...


Rigatoni Milano

I don’t remember where I got this recipe from. I copied it down from somewhere, and it’s been in my 3-ring binder now for years, so it seemed like time to get it online....