Author: Chris Garrity


Eggplants roasting on a ???

Mike came home the other day saying we should figure out this dish he’d had at work called “Banyon Barta.” After a bit of googling, I found this recipe for Baingan Bharta, and it’s...


Tom off to Newcastle

We saw Tom off to England last night. He’s arriving today to stay with Martha and Scott for a few months. Hope we get to hear about his travels in England while he’s there.


Pasta with sausage, tomatoes and cream

This is one of our all time favorite pasta recipes. Usually I make it with bow-ties (farfalle), but this time I used another shape. The June 1990 copy of Bon Appétit that the original...


Which fictional character are you?

Have you ever been tested for your Myers-Briggs type? That’s the one that is a combination of 4 letters I/E S/N F/T J/P.  Here’s a quick test if you don’t already know your ‘type’....



We’ve planted potatoes in our garden the last couple of years. The results have been tasty, but not really too impressive. We usually get a handful of tiny new potatoes. They taste really good,...



If you’ve been following along, you might have noticed that there was a gap between visiting Oxford/Cambridge and going to a play in the West End. No, we didn’t fly home and pick up...

Concept Art 0

Concept Art

This week at NHSGA, they formed new groups and started on their next project. Peter’s new team has been doing pitches for a couple of different games. Here’s some concept art he drew for...



Our hawthorn has finished flowering and is covered with fruit.These are called “haws” and they are where half of the tree’s name comes from. But this year, they’re all covered with orange spikes! They’ve...



Every year we grow several different varieties of tomato. I like to get heirloom tomatoes as they tend to have more flavor that you usually get from tomatoes from the store. This year in...