Author: Mike Garrity

Why I Blog 0

Why I Blog

I really enjoyed a recent post by James Somers called More people should write. I think it captures an important part of why I got hooked on blogging. Knowing you’re going to write things...


Storm Damage

Now that Sandy has left town, everyone has been out surveying the damage. We actually got off pretty lightly. That’s probably because last year’s Halloween storm (and all the tree work afterwards) cleared out...


Boston Book Festival

Chris & I had a great time at the Boston Book Festival last weekend. We went to the Church of the Covenant to hear Robin Young interview Alexander McCall Smith. Ostensibly, he was talking...


Wrong Turn

It looks like someone got lost. Actually, we were at the Head of the Charles today. Mini was one of the sponsors this year, and they brought this boat along. Here’s another picture.

Banned in Lake Wobegon 0

Banned in Lake Wobegon

It’s a good thing all the children are above average, because they’re going to get left out of the latest revolution in education. Minnesota’s Office of Higher Education has ruled that online courses (MOOC’s) ...


Crazy Water

Mike is reading A Culinary Traveller in Tuscany by Beth Elon. It includes a bunch of recipes from the region, so I took a look through it when I needed an idea for something...

TED Alternatives 0

TED Alternatives

Have you watched all of the TED Talk videos? Have you been looking for some other source of bite sized “big ideas” in web video format? There are alternatives out there. For example, The...

Get The Details 0

Get The Details

I love this simple little website that the DNC put up about Romney’s tax plan. It reminds me of a demo at SIGCHI many years ago. I’ve forgotten the name, or who wrote it,...


Three Polyhedra

Peter’s Geometry homework this week was to build a polyhedron. He got a little carried away and created this family of three. Aren’t they pretty? The one in the front is the cuboctahedron. The...