Author: Peter Garrity


The Robot Part 1

For my science fair project this year I am planning on making a self-balancing robot similar to a segway. Over Thanksgiving break we’ve been attempting to get a basic robot working. We’ve decided that...

Forza Warthog 0

Forza Warthog

So Forza 4 is coming out in October. I haven’t been paying much attention to it but this might just make me pay some attention. This is a video of Jeremy Clarkson introducing another...


That’s some hot glass (about 2100°F)

This week, I’m taking a class at Diablo Glass School. The class is very fun and I’ve made a few things so far. The one pictured below is the paperweight I made. The process...

2 Square Meters 0

2 Square Meters

This is an awesome video that I saw of 2 sq. m of sunshine focused. It can melt any known substance in the world.


Unlimited water and the lava falls

These pictures are of some things I created in the game minecraft(read my previous post for more information on the game). The first picture is of something which will allow me to use a...



Dad showed me this awesome game called minecraft. The free version is just something that you can walk around in and add or remove blocks. To remove a block you press the left mouse...


XBox Programming Class

This week I learned how to program the XBox. I took a class at Minuteman High School which was put on by Robotech Center. I thought it was very fun and educating. I learned...

Medical Billing 0

Medical Billing

Today NPR had an interesting story on Medical Billing. You can listen to the full story online. My mother worked in a doctors office for many years, and she has often said that one...