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Paul Newman

We were remiss not to mention Paul Newman in our posts about Lime Rock. You may know him as an actor, but he was also a race car driver. A serious driver too, not...


Lime Rock 2009 – The Races

My previous Lime Rock post was primarily about the cars we saw at Sunday in the Park. The cars are nice, but the whole point of the Vintage Festival is the races. Lime Rock...


Lime Rock 2009 – The Cars

We’re back from Lime Rock. We had a great time, met lots of interesting people, saw lots of spectacular cars, and took lots and lots of photographs. I’m going to break this into a...


W154 at Lime Rock

The Lime Rock vintage races are this weekend. We’re really looking forward to them. The highlight this year is that a 1939 Mercedes W154 Silver Arrow is coming. I’m sure we’ll come back with...


Ferrari 458

The new Ferrari is coming soon. It is called the 458 Italia it is the replacement of the 430. It looks like the 430 combined somewhat with the Enzo. Top Gear has recorded the...

Micro Mini Car Day 1

Micro Mini Car Day

Today we went to Micro Mini Car day at the Larz Anderson museum. It’s a really fun event where owners of tiny cars get together and show them off to the public. Unlike a...

Goodwood 2009 0

Goodwood 2009

These are some amazing car pictures form Goodwood festival of speed 2009.There’s a nice picture of the Ferrari 599xx and some of the F1 cars we saw when we visited the factory last year....


Awesome car video

The British racing show Top Gear testdrove the FXX my favorite all time car watch the video here. It was driven by the Stig. This is a picture of my Lego FXX.


I went to Italy over vacation I visited the Ferrari museum it was so awesome! 🙂