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Garage Cleaning

I’ve been wanting to give the garage a thorough house cleaning for awhile now. That’s pretty difficult because of all of the “projects” that are in the way. The biggest of those is my...



My old Miata has been having a few issues recently. They’re mostly rust related, which is what happens after 20 years of New England winters. But check out its latest malady. Ouch! That’s the...


Lime Rock Historic Festival 2013

We had a great time at Lime Rock this weekend. There was some rain, but the worst of it was during the nights. Anytime there was a shower during the day, it passed through...



While we were in Pittsburgh visiting Peter, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was going on. A lot of the racing at the PVGP happens at Pitt-Race outside town, but there’s lots to see in...

NA vs. NC 0

NA vs. NC

I’ve had the new Miata for almost two months now, but I’ve been too busy to write up a comparison of the two. Luckily, Danny Cruz has done it for me! Go check out...



I’ve always wanted an engine hoist for around the shop. I’ve been tempted several times by the basic folding one at Harbor Freight when they have it on sale for $190, but I’ve never...


British Car Day

We went to British Car day at the Larz Anderson museum today. We saw some wonderful cars, like this Morgan trike. In the back, it has a couple of beer taps and a portrait...

The Basics 0

The Basics

Chris Harris recently took two of my favorite cars for a spin. It looks like an awful lot of fun, doesn’t it?


20 Years

I bought a Miata back in 1993, and it’s been my daily driver ever since. It’s still a lot of fun to drive, but it’s getting some rust, and it’s not really as reliable...



I’ve been cleaning up some old photos from my days hanging around Formula 1. The slides are in terrible shape. They’re dirty, and scratched, and faded. It hardly seems like it’s worth the amount...