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Trick or Treat 0

Trick or Treat

We got 3 or 4 inches of heavy wet snow Saturday night. It did a lot of damage because the trees hadn’t yet gotten ready for winter. The oaks in particular were hit pretty...


A Sparrow of a Different Color

There’s a flock of sparrows that live in some bushes down the street. They all fly in and out of the bushes whenever you go by. When I was coming home today, I noticed...



Today was a beautiful June day in Lexington. Chris and I went out to dinner and sat on the patio at Lexx. When we came home, we found that our yard was full of...

Peter Diamond 0

Peter Diamond

Just in case you needed any more examples of how broken our government has become, Peter Diamond just withdrew his nomination to the Fed. Richard Shelby claimed he was blocking the nomination because Diamond...


Signs of Spring

Those small, bright colored signs of spring have started appearing in our yard: the rock bags: At this time every year, the yard services start dropping these plastic bags filled with rocks and an...


Last Remnants

It rained a lot the last couple of days. The weatherman said: This rain will melt the last remnants of the snow. Last remnants… Doesn’t that sound nice? The snowdrops are coming up.


Snowy January

Last year we didn’t have much snow. This year we’ve had lots of the white fluffy stuff. I don’t think the snow bank beside the driveway is over my head yet, but it’s VERY...


The Day After Thanksgiving

What did you do for Thanksgiving? We ripped our kitchen apart. This is what it looked like before we started. See that upper cupboard over the peninsula? We decided that it makes the counter...



Last year they ripped up our road to replace the water mains. Since then we’ve been living with a ripped up road and a lot of potholes. The other day they showed up with...



It’s that time of year. The days are really hot and sunny and the cicadas are buzzing in the tops of the trees. They’ve been coming out of the ground, sheding there exoskeletons and...