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Baby Turkeys

This afternoon, when it was close to 100 degrees out, momma turkey stopped by. She brought this year’s crop of babies. They were hard to count, because their heads barely stick up over the...



The other day signs like this started appearing all around our neighborhood. You might recognize those as film location signs. They’re doing a TV series about Julia Child. They’ve been filming around Cambridge for...


First Nectarine

For at least six years I’ve had a dwarf nectarine in the front garden. Every year it is covered in flowers that the bees love, like this. And every year when the little green...


FIRST Worlds

We spent half of last week at the World Championships for FIRST. This is the organization which Dean Kamen started in New Hampshire 25 years ago to show kids that engineering can be fun...



Spring seems to really be here at last. We’ve had snowdrops and crocuses for a while now, but this weekend the daffodils opened up. It’s awfully nice to see them after that long winter.


FTC State Finals

Peter’s robotics team went to the state championships yesterday at Bridgewater State. It was a big event with teams from all over the state (and New Hampshire). The competition was really exciting. Their machine...


Cold Winter

Usually when we get back from Florida the snow drops are starting to bloom on the north side of the house. Not this year. As you can see the ones closest to the house...


Put A Ring On It

Peter’s robotics team finished their season at the state championships yesterday. It was kind of a rough day for them with lots of broken connectors and the smell of burned out motors. But they...


Inside The Box

We live around the corner from Moon Hill. That’s a famous collection of modernist houses which were designed by Walter Gropius’ students in the late 40’s. They were pretty small by today’s standards, so...



Amanda Palmer’s TED talk is now up. It’s pretty fabulous. I also enjoyed her posts about preparing for the talk, including her 8 foot long outline. She’s not for everyone, but through the way...