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25TH Microcar Classic, at Last!

The 25th anniversary edition of our favorite car event was originally supposed to happen two years ago. Unfortunately, like so many other things in the last few years, it got cancelled because of COVID....


British Motor Museum

The other day we stopped at the British Motor Museum. It’s an interesting place. It’s sort of like your grandparents attic, if your grandparents were a British car company. Piles of oddball cars, old...


La Baleine

Here’s the car we’ve been driving in the UK. No, not the Jaguar. The one behind her. We call it the “French Whale”. The same thing happens every time we come to the UK....

Wheel Bearings 0

Wheel Bearings

I’m finally back in the (very cold) workshop after a lot of running around this winter. One big item on this winter’s todo list was replacing the front wheel bearings on the Westfield. It’s...


Indian Summer Blat

We had another nice drive yesterday. Went around thru Topsfield. No fair this year because of the pandemic. Here’s a fairly low-res video:


Winter Projects

This package came from England the other day. So, what’s inside? The piece I was waiting for to finish off this winter’s projects: This is a new radiator from Cooling Experts. The Westfield uses...


What We Did Last Summer

The other day I realized that we never uploaded the pictures from last summer’s microcar event. I finally fixed that. Here they are. Better late than never, I guess? Anyways, some nice pictures for...


Národní Technické Muzeum

While we were in Prague, we went to the Národní Technické Muzeum. That’s the Czech National Technical Museum. It’s full of all sorts of interesting machines that we really never see in the West, such...


Leaf Peeping

Out enjoying the fall sights with some friends last weekend. A little chilly, but lots of fun.


Cars & Coffee at the Larz

One of our first outings last year with the Westfield was a cars and coffee at the Larz Anderson museum. Today the car has more than 1000 miles on it, and we finally made...