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Another Table

I made another table recently. This is pretty different from the previous one. It’s basically one of the ones Norm did on The New Yankee Workshop, but I made it smaller to fit in...



Chris & I got our third shots today at the Mass Vax site in Lowell. Quick and easy. Getting our immune systems all fired up for this next wave that’s starting.



When we were in the UK, Chris’ friend Alison gave us these wonderful little shoes she made. They’re ceramic, and very delicate. So we were worried about how to display them without worrying about...


Breakfast Companion

In the summertime, we usually have breakfast on the porch. Recently, this little fellow has been showing up at the same time to join us. He sits on a branch just outside the windows...



Our wisteria is having quite a year: Here’s a closeup: We’ve also got a lot of bird action going. There are a pair of robins in the juniper who are very busy: And a...


Coffee Table

I just finished making this coffee table. The top is a slab of soapstone. It was the top of a lab bench in a high school I helped gut many years ago. I’ve been...



We’ve been busy with a bunch of projects around the house. I’ve been refinishing the wood floors. That’s been a bit tricky with everyone WFH. Lots of temporary partitions and ventilation fans. Still a...



It looks like that time of year: 2020 hasn’t felt like a normal year, but the turkeys don’t seem to have noticed. We hope that you have a good (and safe) Thanksgiving.


Great Brook Farm

It was beautiful out today. And we had a new President-elect. So Chris & I went for a drive. We went out to Carlisle. While we were there, we stopped at Great Brook Farm....



I was cleaning out the dark corner at the back of one of the shelves in the workshop when I found a box full of old papers. A lot of them were MIT green...