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The Rosetta Clock 0

The Rosetta Clock

Here’s an applet I wrote that draws clocks in 5 different numeral systems. From the top row down, they are: Binary Skew Binary Ternary Balanced Ternary Decimal The first column is the hours, the...


Bad Code Offsets

Here’s a useful idea; Bad Code Offsets. They basically work just like carbon offsets, but for bad code. Just like carbon offsets, they’re designed to expose external costs to the correcting forces of the...

Noisy Loops 0

Noisy Loops

It seemed like kind of a crazy, noisy day. I felt a little like this sketch.



This is great. An implementation of Logo which runs in a browser. The project page is here, but just skip straight to it by clicking here, and get your turtle moving.   Or try...

Cookie and XFish 0

Cookie and XFish

When I blogged about Multics yesterday, I forgot to mention my favorite Multics program. Cookie was a program that you use to use to hack someone’s account when they left a terminal logged in....


Multics Turns 40

Multics, one of my favorite operating systems recently turned 40. I first encountered it in ‘76 on the big machine at MIT. It was quite a revelation at the time. The other systems I...

SPDE Starlings 3

SPDE Starlings

OK, I think I’ve got SPDE generating applets now. Let’s see how this works. Leave me a comment if you have trouble running this one. This is a variant of the Bees sketch I...


Clarke Scratch Club – Year 4 begins

Scratch Club started up again at Clarke. This is the fourth year that I’m running  the Scratch Programming Club after school at the kids’ middle school. The sign up sheets were overflowing with names...