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Look Up 2

Look Up

There’s a group called For Spacious Skies that used to run radio ads in the Boston area. They were very interesting ads. They just told you to stop and look up. The ads weren’t...


Its almost the end of school yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Toy 0

New Toy

The old air compressor that I bought back in high school when I was painting the MG, has been getting tired and cranky lately. It keeps overheating, and I’ve been feeling like I’m spending...


A little something I made in Inkscape. It only took me a couple hours. Most like this will take me days. It was actually an assignment for school.

Class of 1984 0

Class of 1984

Chris had her 25th college reunion last weekend. Quite a few of her friends were back in town. Here’s a picture of her with her friend Ellen at the big Saturday night gala. And...


I do an online game called chore wars. It is extremely fun because you do chores to get xp or gold. This is my character sheet.Kakaran, my Chore Wars character


this is what happened after I found the Thanksgiving feast. Mmmm good.



I like Ferrari I like the Ferrari f430 the most. My favorite country is Italy because it has really good food. My favorite food is pasta.