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Socialized Medicine 0

Socialized Medicine

Steve Silberman was in London on business when he got sick. You should read his story about what happened next.

Good News on Health Care 0

Good News on Health Care

So here’s some good health care news to make up for that last one. From Forbes, the insurance companies are seeing a large uptick in young enrollees. That’s good news, because it helps lower...

CDC Report on Measles 0

CDC Report on Measles

Seth Mnookin has a post today about the latest CDC report on measles. The numbers are rather scary, 118 cases in the US in the first 19 weeks of the year. It looks even...

Whooping Cough Outbreaks 0

Whooping Cough Outbreaks

Did you know that California is currently having the worst outbreak of whooping cough in 60 years? Nine infants have died this year. Can you guess the cause? Yeah, it’s probably the anti-vaccine crazies....

Medical Billing 0

Medical Billing

Today NPR had an interesting story on Medical Billing. You can listen to the full story online. My mother worked in a doctors office for many years, and she has often said that one...

Romneycare 0


Timothy Egan had a cute article yesterday about our former governor. It’s about how Romney was bragging about how great “his” Massachusetts health insurance plan was when he was running for president last year,...

The Public Option in 2D 0

The Public Option in 2D

We had a meeting at work yesterday about naming some classes. We’ve had the same meeting over and over for months (years?) now. Again and again, we’ll get everyone to agree on a naming...