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Keys Left 0

Keys Left

I like Scott Hanselman’s site keysleft. It calculates how many keystrokes you have left in your hands before you die. So get typing!

2 Square Meters 0

2 Square Meters

This is an awesome video that I saw of 2 sq. m of sunshine focused. It can melt any known substance in the world.

Dwarf Fortress Computer 0

Dwarf Fortress Computer

Earlier this year my friend showed me the game dwarf fortress. Dwarf Fortress is like nethack but you control multiple dwarves. You create a dwarven colony. My dad showed me this. It is a...


Playing With Your Food

This is hilarious. They are cupcakes themed after various games. See how many you can guess. Remember that the games have some video games, but not all of them are. Click on the cupcake...


A History Lesson (Because I feel like it)

Rome was once one of the largest empires ever to have existed. (Title of the largest goes to the mongols) This was brought about by the legions, and upheld by the Civil Service system...