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The Tempest Meets Tron 0

The Tempest Meets Tron

We went to see Tod Machover’s opera Death and the Powers today. It’s billed as a a robot opera, but the robots (a gang of iMacs who escaped from a Dr. Who episode) weren’t...


Media Lab 25th Anniversary

At this time of year the folks at the Media Lab usually demo the things they’re working on to the sponsors. This year the fall sponsor meeting was taken to the next level by...

Primavera 0


We enjoyed this video set in Yosemite. You should click through and view it really large. Primavera from Metron (Victor Novikov) on Vimeo.


Cambridge Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival is this week. It’s an annual event where scientists and engineers from all over Cambridge come out to show the public how exciting doing science is. We went to a...

Laundry Robots 0

Laundry Robots

I can’t get very excited about robots that vacuum or clean gutters, but robots that fold laundry. Now you’re talking! via BoingBoing It’s fun to watch, isn’t it? Now if they can just teach...

Wirebot 0


Check out this cool vibrating moving robot we made a while ago. Robot – take 2 from Garrity Family on Vimeo. We made it from an old back massager and some baling wire. You...


Robots Perform Shakespeare

There’s been a lot of concern over the years about the effect of automation on employment in various fields. There’s occasionally been some talk about this in acting because of CGI projects like Digital...