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Tom off to Newcastle

We saw Tom off to England last night. He’s arriving today to stay with Martha and Scott for a few months. Hope we get to hear about his travels in England while he’s there.


Driving Test

I passed my driving test today! Here are some photos: We had to drive all the way down to Dorchester, and park next to the curb outside the Armory. It was a busy day,...


Senior Prom

Tonight was Tom’s Senior Prom. He cleans up pretty well these days doesn’t he? He went without a date, but seemed to be having fun with his friends prior to getting on the buses....


Engineering Competition

The competition for Tom’s engineering project was at the High School this evening. Here are Tom and his partner Matt arriving at the scene. One of the rules is that the machine had to...


Tom’s Engineering Project

Tom’s physics class has been working on an engineering project. They need to build a machine which will put 11 corks into a box. There are a bunch of rules about size and placement....


Tom’s Photo Class

I finally got around to scanning the rest of Tom’s projects from the photography class he took last semester (link1, link2). Here are a few of my favorites.

First App 0

First App

Tom’s a Senior this year, so we’ve been very busy with the college application process (link1, link2). He reached a big milestone tonight. He pressed the submit button on his first application. Yeah! Go...


Becoming a Lifeguard

I got certified on Friday. The hardest part of the final testing was rescuing someone from the bottom of the pool and getting them out without them ‘dying’. To do this I needed to...

Splash 2 0

Splash 2

My favorite splash class was Patrol. Patrol is a game run weekly from 8-11:00 pm on saturdays. You are given a dart gun, several darts, and a headband. Headbands said whether you were alive...