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Sudbury, the Big Nickel, and BIFs

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  1. Chris G. says:

    Sorry the picture isn’t showing, the University of Waterloo Science Department web server seems to be having some problems this morning. Here’s another picture of the nickel. Hopefully the Waterloo picture will be back soon.

  2. Chris G. says:

    Mum said:
    Hi Chris,
    Most interesting blog today but just to add a little detail for your information.
    We went thru Sudbury each time we drove from Toronto to Sault Ste Marie. It was very bleak because you couldn’t even grow a house plant at any time of the year because of the atmosphere from the nickel smelters in that area. The moon landing astronauts are said to have visited Sudbury because it most closely resembled the moon surface to show them what to expect. You are correct you were about 3 years old the first time you saw it.
    Also the boarded up town was Blind River where Uranium was mined in the 40’s & 50’s, we knew the architect who built many of those houses. The town closed down when the mining closed down. We have a photo of you sitting on a picnic table by a lake with a big sign saying ‘no swimming or fishing, water not clean or something to that effect. The uranium mines had poisoned the water in that district. You should ask your father if you wasn’t more information ha has a more accurate memory than I do.
    Just a little background.

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