Author: Tom Garrity


A History Lesson (Because I feel like it)

Rome was once one of the largest empires ever to have existed. (Title of the largest goes to the mongols) This was brought about by the legions, and upheld by the Civil Service system...


DayJams (week 3)

This is the diagram for a five string bass I have plans for if I ever end up with the time and money available to create it. The fingerboard would be made from a...

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This is something we made tonight. It came from an idea I had for a scratch project but did not ever actually use, and now we wrote it in Processing. No iframes Source code:...

Dayjams week 2 (my first) 1

Dayjams week 2 (my first)

Yesterday marked the end of my first week of dayjams and the performance of the song my band worked on all week. 3 times. We were the last band on, and our lead guitarist...


A day in the life

I had my birthday party today. We built forts of cardboard and duct tape (mostly duct tape). This was one of them. Then we proceeded to attack each other with foam and PVC weapons...


Muffins (not waffles)

I made muffins today. They were peach and blueberry. They looked like this. They were a result of a sudden desire for muffins at breakfast. I ended up walking through the rain to get...


A little something I made in Inkscape. It only took me a couple hours. Most like this will take me days. It was actually an assignment for school.