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Mother’s Day

Every year in Boston, the arboretum has an event called Lilac Sunday. It’s on Mother’s Day, and you can go picnic in their amazing lilac collection. Unfortunately, some years the lilacs bloom too early....


Tower Park Battle

This weekend is a busy one here in Lexington. Patriot’s Day is celebrated on Monday, but there’s stuff going on all weekend. This afternoon there was a battle reenactment at Tower Park. It was...


Tom’s Photo Class

I finally got around to scanning the rest of Tom’s projects from the photography class he took last semester (link1, link2). Here are a few of my favorites.


Florida Birds

We were visiting my parents in Florida last week. Spring has definitely sprung there. Since there were a lot of birds out, and I had a new camera to play with, I took a...

Kodachrome Documentary 0

Kodachrome Documentary

I was pretty bummed when Kodachrome was cancelled. It was my favorite film for many years. Xander Robin just posted this cool documentary about Kodachrome and its last days at Dwayne’s Photo. It does...


New Year’s

We didn’t stay up late last night. We did celebrate a bit after Tom hit submit on another college application. It’s not his last one, but he’s getting pretty close to the end. Today...


Finally some Basketball

The 2011-2012 season may not get started until Christmas Day, but yesterday was the first time that Celtics fans could get a look at this year’s potential Celtics at an open Practice held at...

Zeff Photo 0

Zeff Photo

Another of my favorite photo supply stores is closing. I took Tom into Zeff at the beginning of the semester to stock up for his photography course. We went through the door and headed...



About 6 1/2 years ago I finally replaced my film camera with a digital camera. The older camera was a Nikon FG which I got in 1982. That was Nikon’s first SLR with auto-exposure...


More Photos

These are 2 prints I made today in Photo. I took both pictures at the Head of the Charles. This isn’t actually what the negatives look like. I actually exposed the paper for half...