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My toy for Christmas was a little CNC machine. A Genmitsu 3018. Seems pretty well built and easy to put together. Software is a bit of a hassle. It does come with a CD-ROM...



VEX Robotics had a nice tribute to one of my favorite professors, Woody Flowers, who passed away recently. 2.70 was a great class. We all worked hard, but learned a lot, and had a...

The Failing Railing 0

The Failing Railing

One of the posts holding the railing along the front steps has been getting pretty rusty. I was worried about it failing while someone was leaning on the railing. So I spent some time...



We had a visitor to our garden today. I think it was a juvenile red tailed. It had caught one of the many squirrels we have this years. It’s a cold, wet day, but...



A beautiful day, but there are a lot of leaves to bag before we can go for a drive:



My favorite birds are back in our garden: It’s awfully nice to have them around when I’m in the driveway working on the cars. They seem so happy all the time. They’re one of...



The weather’s been ping-ponging between hot and rainy recently. Perfect weather for fungi. Here are a few of the ones we saw when we went for a walk yesterday: How many can you identify?



Today I went down to Providence to visit the Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island. There’s in the old Atlantic Mills building. They’ve got a pretty amazing collection of old DEC equipment. A lot of...


Girih Tiles

Here’s what I’ve been printing lately. These are called Girih tiles. They’re a set of five different shaped tiles that are used in Islamic architecture. As you can see, when you fit them...