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Why I Blog 0

Why I Blog

I really enjoyed a recent post by James Somers called More people should write. I think it captures an important part of why I got hooked on blogging. Knowing you’re going to write things...

New year, new look 0

New year, new look

We’ve been planning on changing the look of the blog for a while now. So here it is, a new look. There will be a few more tweaks coming over the next few weeks....


20 Things About the Web

Confused about the alphabet soup of cool new features which make your web browser work today? Christoph Niemann has created a really cute and gentle introduction for the noob. Highly recommended, but it’s probably...

Cooks Source 1

Cooks Source

We post a lot of recipes on this blog, so we’ve been following this week’s Cooks Source scandal with interest. If you haven’t heard the story, there was a pretty good story about it...

Goo.gl .qr 0

Goo.gl .qr

Since I don’t use twitter, I’m not a big user of URL shorteners, but this new one from Google looks pretty good. My favorite feature is that if you tack .qr on the end...


I Write Like

Have you seen I Write Like? It’s a simple webpage with a text field. You paste in a bunch of text you wrote. They analyze it, and then they give you the name of...

What Personality is that Blog? 0

What Personality is that Blog?

I just ran into Typealyzer. You point it at a blog and it tells you the Myers-Briggs type indicator of the author. It thinks we’re INTP, which is probably a pretty good approximation of...

Blogging In Class 0

Blogging In Class

Tim Bray wrote a great post about being invited to visit his fifth grade son’s class and “teach the internet”. He created a blog and let them all start posting. Go check it out.

What Do All Of These Buttons Do? 0

What Do All Of These Buttons Do?

We’ve had a number of visitors to the blog who don’t know the purpose of the various icons that are scattered around the page. I’m going to take a minute here to try and...