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CDPH vs. UC Berkeley 0

CDPH vs. UC Berkeley

You probably saw in the news that the California Department of Public Health stopped UC Berkeley’s Bring Your Genes to Cal program. That was an interesting program which the school had put together this...

Directed Graphs in Inheritance 0

Directed Graphs in Inheritance

When I talked about maternal haplogroups the other day, I touched on how this and the paternal haplogroup map onto your inheritance tree. Some of the details of how this works can be a...


23andMe PLoS Genetics Paper

Researchers at 23andMe have used the data that they’ve been collecting to publish a paper in PLoS Genetics. They’ve been having their users fill out surveys about things like how curly their hair is...



We’ve been playing around with 23andme some more. We now have my mother’s data. That lets us look at more detail of what genes come from which side of the family. For example, if...


Maternal Haplogroups

We got email from 23andme yesterday that more of our DNA data was ready. You may remember that last time I talked about the maternal & paternal haplogroups. These are the two lines which...

DNA Testing Dogs 0

DNA Testing Dogs

All Things Considered had a couple of funny articles this week about a couple getting a DNA test for their dog. The first part is here. The second part is here.



23andme, the DNA testing service we mentioned the other day is in the news again. Not in a good way I’m afraid. They just announced that they scrambled 96 customers’ samples and posted the...



You may have seen personal genomics in the news recently. This term refers to companies like Pathway Genomics, 23andme, and Navigenics which will do DNA testing for you. They sell you a kit which...