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Blogging In Class 0

Blogging In Class

Tim Bray wrote a great post about being invited to visit his fifth grade son’s class and “teach the internet”. He created a blog and let them all start posting. Go check it out.

Splash 2 0

Splash 2

My favorite splash class was Patrol. Patrol is a game run weekly from 8-11:00 pm on saturdays. You are given a dart gun, several darts, and a headband. Headbands said whether you were alive...


Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire

I finally got around to reading Rafe Esquith’s book Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire (my to-read pile has gotten a little deep). You’ve probably heard of Rafe. He’s a fifth grade teacher in...

Back to School 1

Back to School

We went back to school today I’m in 7th grade now. I like all of my teachers. My science teacher’s lost and found is very different he has a warthog head on the wall...

First Day Of School 0

First Day Of School

Today was my first day of school. We had a messed up schedule so that everyone could meet all their teachers. I learned that we have a new band teacher, and that we have...


A History Lesson (Because I feel like it)

Rome was once one of the largest empires ever to have existed. (Title of the largest goes to the mongols) This was brought about by the legions, and upheld by the Civil Service system...