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Daniel Shiffman Interview 0

Daniel Shiffman Interview

I really enjoyed this interview with Daniel Shiffman by Mark Webster that I ran into on Ben Fry’s twitter stream. Daniel Shiffman from Mark Webster on Vimeo.



We found this cool program called Flame. It’s a Processing app written by Peter Blaškovič. It lets you paint with a paintbrush made of particles which chase the mouse around. You can make really...

Warp 0


Here’s another SPDE sketch. It’s a simple image warping demo that shows how to use the texture mapping feature of Processing. Click and drag over the image to distort it. Try different mouse buttons....

The Rosetta Clock 0

The Rosetta Clock

Here’s an applet I wrote that draws clocks in 5 different numeral systems. From the top row down, they are: Binary Skew Binary Ternary Balanced Ternary Decimal The first column is the hours, the...

Noisy Loops 0

Noisy Loops

It seemed like kind of a crazy, noisy day. I felt a little like this sketch.

SPDE Starlings 3

SPDE Starlings

OK, I think I’ve got SPDE generating applets now. Let’s see how this works. Leave me a comment if you have trouble running this one. This is a variant of the Bees sketch I...



Here’s another Processing applet. It’s a variant of Bees, but it uses a Mexican Hat function for computing the force. Basically that means that they’ll try to stay a specific distance (in this case...


Using SPDE with IntelliJ

This is mostly a note to myself, but I figured out how to get SPDE to work in IntelliJ IDEA. SPDE is a port of Processing to the Scala programming language written by Nathan...

Blend Cube 0

Blend Cube

Tom had some geometry homework today which involved calculating the surface area of a unit cube with a 1/3 wide square hole punched through the center of each face. Sort of a level 1...

The Preservation of Favoured Traces 0

The Preservation of Favoured Traces

Here’s a neat project by Ben Fry. It’s a visualization of the differences between the different editions of On the Origin of Species. It’s a little like the tools that programmers use to manage...