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One of the fun things about joining a new community is learning the lingo. The world of 7 aficionados has quite a bit of interesting vocabulary. One of current favorites is the verb “to...

Keys Left 0

Keys Left

I like Scott Hanselman’s site keysleft. It calculates how many keystrokes you have left in your hands before you die. So get typing!



Amanda Palmer’s TED talk is now up. It’s pretty fabulous. I also enjoyed her posts about preparing for the talk, including her 8 foot long outline. She’s not for everyone, but through the way...

On Beyond Zebra 0

On Beyond Zebra

Mentalfloss recently had an interesting article about 12 letters which have vanished from our alphabet over the years. It includes the ones you probably already know, such as Thorn:   and Ash: But it...

The Blog as Commonplace Book 0

The Blog as Commonplace Book

I really enjoyed this article on The Millions by Shaj Mathew which compares blogs to commonplace books. I think that it’s a really good analogy. At least that’s pretty much how I use this...



I just finished reading Stephen Greenblatt’s recent book The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. It’s a very enjoyable read. It starts with a Indiana Jones-like story of Poggio Bracciolini searching through monastery libraries...

Out of Print 0

Out of Print

Did you hear the news? The Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print. The 2010 edition was the last paper version. Isn’t that sad? I spent hours pouring through it in the library when...

Coming Apart 0

Coming Apart

You’ve probably heard that Charles Murray has a new book out. If you remember the controversy surrounding some of his earlier books, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that there’s been quite a...

Goodreads 0


We’ve been playing around with a site called Goodreads lately. It’s a site for tracking all of the books you’ve read. Kind of like LibraryThing, but we’ve found it a bit more engaging. It...


Byron the Bulb goes Web 2.0

If you’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow, you’ll remember the story of Byron the Bulb (if not you can read the excerpt here). He’s a conscious, immortal light bulb who was born in Budapest before the...