Author: Chris Garrity


New Year’s Day

We had our annual New Year’s day brunch today. Lots of people turned up. Lots of teenagers, A few little kids, and lots of old friends. There was tons of good food as usual...


Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Here’s what we’re doing tonight – tracking Santa (from NORAD). That’s right after our traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner (Cheese fondue with Chocolate fondue for dessert).


2009: Year in Review

It’s been a good year for the Garritys. Tom is a sophomore in high school and Peter is in 7th grade. They both tower over me at this point, and I’m beginning to get...


Exquisite Corpse at Scratch Club

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the kids in the Scratch Club to try new things. I decided to try something a little different this year. Since we have two classrooms,...


Rainy morning

This morning it was simply pouring rain and I didn’t think I’d get a walk at all before work. However, as I was checking my email the clouds suddenly blew apart and the sun...


Sudbury, the Big Nickel, and BIFs

When I lived in Canada as a child we were always taking these long road trips to see the sights. Some of the places were more interesting that others. One that I remember from...


Pot Roast with Polenta

I hadn’t really planned on doing a pot roast, but the supermarket had a special on beef chuck roast and it was a cold rainy weekend, so I just had to do something. Yes,...


Clarke Scratch Club – Year 4 begins

Scratch Club started up again at Clarke. This is the fourth year that I’m running  the Scratch Programming Club after school at the kids’ middle school. The sign up sheets were overflowing with names...


Fish Risotto

On a couple of occasions this year I have made stock from the left-over fish bones after filleting the CSF fish. That was really the best way to make sure we made the most...