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20 Years

I bought a Miata back in 1993, and it’s been my daily driver ever since. It’s still a lot of fun to drive, but it’s getting some rust, and it’s not really as reliable...



I’ve been cleaning up some old photos from my days hanging around Formula 1. The slides are in terrible shape. They’re dirty, and scratched, and faded. It hardly seems like it’s worth the amount...

A Big Auction of Tiny Cars 1

A Big Auction of Tiny Cars

Bruce Weiner is famous for his enormous collection of microcars. He has apparently decided that the hunt is better than the catch. Next week he is auctioning them all off. If you’re in Madison...


Today’s Kludge

A few weeks ago, I dropped the Miata off at the service station for some suspension work. My usual mechanic Paul wasn’t there, but I left it with the other guys. A short while...


Wrong Turn

It looks like someone got lost. Actually, we were at the Head of the Charles today. Mini was one of the sponsors this year, and they brought this boat along. Here’s another picture.



Are you in the market for a car? One of my favorites is about to cross the block. It’s the car that I was talking about back in June. The one which Caroll Shelby...


Driving Test

I passed my driving test today! Here are some photos: We had to drive all the way down to Dorchester, and park next to the curb outside the Armory. It was a busy day,...


Car Talk: the Musical

On Saturday we all went to Central Square to see Car Talk: the Musical. Before the play we tried Moksa. Their theme is Asian Street food. Think spanish tapas (small plates) only Asian. We...



During the 80’s and 90’s I was involved with quite a string of startups. Each one was an interesting story. Some folded, some split into pieces, some sold to bigger companies, and some changed...

Satoshi Motoyama 0

Satoshi Motoyama

The DeltaWing car I mentioned here last year made it to Le Mans last weekend. It didn’t go too smoothly. About 6 hours into the race, a Toyota TS030 shunted it into a guardrail. One...