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Signs of Spring

Those small, bright colored signs of spring have started appearing in our yard: the rock bags: At this time every year, the yard services start dropping these plastic bags filled with rocks and an...


Last Remnants

It rained a lot the last couple of days. The weatherman said: This rain will melt the last remnants of the snow. Last remnants… Doesn’t that sound nice? The snowdrops are coming up.



Down by the dock here there are a bunch of these spikey pods hanging from the trees just on the landward side of the mangroves. We were curious what they are, so we did...



A friend gave me an amaryllis bulb at New Years. For several weeks it sat there looking like nothing was happening. Then just a few weeks ago it started sprouting. It’s amazing to me...


Jack in the Pulpit

This is the time of year when the jack-in-the-pulpits pop up around here. This year is the best I remember seeing in a long time. There are dozens of them. Jack in the Pulpit...



We have had a number of elms in our yard. But every time they get to a decent size, they die. The cause, of course, is Dutch Elm disease. This weekend we planted two...


Spring coming!

This has been a weird winter. We’ve had very cold stretches, and some warmer days. According to the monthly summary in the Globe today, February was warmer than normal. I wish we still had...

Raking The Lawn 0

Raking The Lawn

We raked the lawn today. Daddy was suggesting we make a stop motion of us walking the dog. Instead I thought we should make one of us raking our lawn and everybody agreed it...


Argiope Aurantia

Here’s another picture from our garden. This one might not be as popular as some of our earlier ones (link, link) though. This is Argiope Aurantia, or the Black and Yellow Garden Spider. She...



Tomatoes are something that I’m pretty picky about. One of the nice things about having Wilson Farms just down the hill is that I can be sure of getting good tasting tomatoes even in...