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Plenty of Potatoes for Boston Area

When I was getting the garage ready for the new project, I wanted to improve the insulation so that it’d be a little warmer this winter. As part of that, I took the window...


The Most British Bit

Nothing too exciting on the Westfield front. I took advantage of the wonderful weather we’re having by stripping more parts off of the old Miata. I’d be nice to get that done before winter...


Which fictional character are you?

Have you ever been tested for your Myers-Briggs type? That’s the one that is a combination of 4 letters I/E S/N F/T J/P.  Here’s a quick test if you don’t already know your ‘type’....


Wrong Turn

It looks like someone got lost. Actually, we were at the Head of the Charles today. Mini was one of the sponsors this year, and they brought this boat along. Here’s another picture.


Car Talk: the Musical

On Saturday we all went to Central Square to see Car Talk: the Musical. Before the play we tried Moksa. Their theme is Asian Street food. Think spanish tapas (small plates) only Asian. We...

How can we fight back? 0

How can we fight back?

Epipheo recently talked to Daniel H. Wilson, the author of Robopocalypse and put together this video. You should watch it because it contains a lot of information which you might find useful sometime in...


Byron the Bulb goes Web 2.0

If you’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow, you’ll remember the story of Byron the Bulb (if not you can read the excerpt here). He’s a conscious, immortal light bulb who was born in Budapest before the...


Rapture Bus Breakdown

The talk of the office today was this bus which broke down out front. As you may have heard, the Rapture happens tomorrow. These guys were driving around in a bus with a big...


Yankee Ingenuity

The power substation in our town has this big transformer out back. It has had some issues with overheating on hot summer days. They’ve come up with a clever solution. Can you see it...