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Base i-1: There Be Dragons

John Baez recently posted this picture (by Anton Sherwood) on his G+ stream: The story behind it is pretty cool, and it involves two of my favorite things: TAOCP and unusual number systems. Let’s...

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Today’s Abstruse Goose comic is pretty funny.

Quines 1


A quine is a computer program which prints out a copy of its own source code when it is run. The name comes from Quine’s paradox: “Yields falsehood when preceded by its quotation” yields...


Equations of the Undead

At work, we love to see the work that our users are doing with our products. This paper has been a big favorite at the office recently. You can hear an interview with one...

Balanced Ternary Clock 0

Balanced Ternary Clock

Here’s a short clip of a balanced ternary clock I wrote using the MATLAB class I posted the other day. In this clock, the green dots represent 1, the red dots represent –1, and...

Balanced Ternary in MATLAB 0

Balanced Ternary in MATLAB

I wanted to do something with balanced ternary the other day, so I wrote this MATLAB class. classdef bt % Class for managing numbers in balanced ternary. % properties (SetAccess=’private’) trits = ”; end...