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Metropolis 0


We went to see Alloy Orchestra perform their score at a screening of Metropolis last night. Wow! It was amazing! We were in the second row and could look down into the pit to...

Senna 0


We saw the movie Senna last night. It’s in rather limited release, but if you get a chance, it’s certainly worth seeing. Roger Ebert didn’t seem to enjoy it, but I think that the...

2 Square Meters 0

2 Square Meters

This is an awesome video that I saw of 2 sq. m of sunshine focused. It can melt any known substance in the world.

Inception 0


We went to see the movie Inception last night. It’s an interesting movie. Most of the reviews compare it to The Matrix. That makes sense because it relies on the same sort of trick...

Mashrou’ Leila 0

Mashrou’ Leila

On the way to the supermarket today, we heard a song on the radio called Embembelelah. It was really cool, but when we got home we had no idea how to spell it or...

Versions of Avatar 0

Versions of Avatar

The kids both really enjoyed Avatar. Do you realize how many different versions of the movie they created? This article says that there were a total of 100 different “prints”. The variables include: 3...


Leonard Nimoy Day

Today was Leonard Nimoy day in Boston today. Nimoy grew up in Boston and he’s back in town this weekend, so Mayor Menino issued a proclamation. To celebrate, we watched an old Star Trek...


Note By Note

We got a chance to see the film Note by Note last night. It’s a documentary which follows a concert grand piano through the Steinway factory. It’s a fascinating movie. The movie talks to...


Paul Newman

We were remiss not to mention Paul Newman in our posts about Lime Rock. You may know him as an actor, but he was also a race car driver. A serious driver too, not...


Filming in Lexington

This evening when we went into Lexington to have dinner and go to the library we found many extra people milling around and massive bundles of cables running up and down the sidewalks. It...