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Tax Cut Deal 0

Tax Cut Deal

Since I’ve opined several times here on the federal budget, I should probably give my $0.02 on this week’s news. I wouldn’t presume to know whether or not this is really the best compromise...

Karma and the Tea Party 0

Karma and the Tea Party

Jonathan Haidt had an interesting article about Libertarians in the Wall Street Journal the other day. He claims that it’s all about karma. Nice update on the earlier interview I linked to back here.

Wagah 0


Last year, Tom was doing a report about India for school. He was trying to think of things to write about, so we told him about Wagah. That’s the border crossing into Pakistan on...

Ari Ne’eman 0

Ari Ne’eman

Wired has posted a great interview with Ari Ne’eman. If you’ve heard of Ari, then you’ve probably already heard some of the controversy (link1, link2, link3) about his appointment to the National Council on...

The Rolling Stone Interview 0

The Rolling Stone Interview

The interview with Obama in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone is one of the best I’ve read in a while. They ask him tough questions, but give him plenty of room to speak...

TPC Calculator 0

TPC Calculator

Confused about the latest round of tax cut arguments? The Tax Policy Center has a nice calculator which will show you how the different proposals would affect you. Or if you prefer pictures, the...



Today President Obama named Elizabeth Warren (one of our favorite people) as a special advisor to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It would have been run to watch the Republicans try to...


Right To Repair

The news from Beacon Hill recently has all been about some gambling bill, but there was also something important going on. The Senate passed a Right to Repair law in July. Unfortunately, the other...

Bedside Table 0

Bedside Table

I’ve been meaning to post some book reviews here, but I’ve just been too busy. Therefore, I’m going to post a bunch of quickies together in an attempt to get caught up. These are...

Cory Doctorow Interview 0

Cory Doctorow Interview

ABC news interviewed Cory Doctorow. You can watch the interview here. I agree with his opinion about the iPad. He also talks about his new book which I have ordered and am looking forward...