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Processing Test

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but all of our old process sketches have been dead since we switched to WordPress. We were embedding them with iframe, and WordPress thought that wasn’t safe. I’ve...

Robot Video 0

Robot Video

Peter did some more work on his robot today. He’s got a big battery pack installed so that it doesn’t need a cord. It still has the cable to the Wii nunchuck though. Faith...


Irregular Path Tiles

In my posts a couple of months ago about the number of permutations in various path tile games (link1, link2, link3), I only talked about regular polygons. There are other shapes which tile the...

Tile Explorer 0

Tile Explorer

When Mario saw my recent post about different sets of tiles, he asked for details about how I drew them. When I started to clean up the Processing code to give to him, I...


More Path Tiles

Do you remember the tiles I was talking about the other day? I generated the tiles for the next couple of cases, but the number of tiles got really big really quickly. So big...



I recently got a Xoom to do some hacking around with Honeycomb. I just got Motorola’s drivers installed and got hooked up to it with DDMS. Here’s a screen capture of the RGB Cube...

Hoopism 0


It’s the NBA All Star weekend, so seems appropriate to include a post that incorporates three of our interests: Basketball, data visualization and programming with Processing. Mike pointed me at the site hoopism.com where...

Processing.js Reaches 1.0 0

Processing.js Reaches 1.0

Yeah! We’ve been spending most of our Processing cycles lately with the Android version, but it’s really nice to hear that the JavaScript version just turned 1. Go check it out here.


Processing for Android

We started messing around with the Android version of Processing the other day. It was really easy to get some of our old sketches running on the emulator. Most sketches only required a one...