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23andMe PLoS Genetics Paper

Researchers at 23andMe have used the data that they’ve been collecting to publish a paper in PLoS Genetics. They’ve been having their users fill out surveys about things like how curly their hair is...

Bedside Table 0

Bedside Table

I’ve been meaning to post some book reviews here, but I’ve just been too busy. Therefore, I’m going to post a bunch of quickies together in an attempt to get caught up. These are...


Maternal Haplogroups

We got email from 23andme yesterday that more of our DNA data was ready. You may remember that last time I talked about the maternal & paternal haplogroups. These are the two lines which...

DNA Testing Dogs 0

DNA Testing Dogs

All Things Considered had a couple of funny articles this week about a couple getting a DNA test for their dog. The first part is here. The second part is here.



23andme, the DNA testing service we mentioned the other day is in the news again. Not in a good way I’m afraid. They just announced that they scrambled 96 customers’ samples and posted the...

Time Flies Like an Arrow 0

Time Flies Like an Arrow

The current issue of Scientific American has an interesting article by Craig Callender. It’s called Is Time an Illusion? (it’s behind a paywall here). The article is about the fact that most of the...



You may have seen personal genomics in the news recently. This term refers to companies like Pathway Genomics, 23andme, and Navigenics which will do DNA testing for you. They sell you a kit which...

Morality & Reason 0

Morality & Reason

The Templeton Foundation recently asked a number of scholars the following question: Does moral action depend on reasoning? Their answers are all pretty interesting. You can check them out here. Several of them reference...


Cambridge Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival is this week. It’s an annual event where scientists and engineers from all over Cambridge come out to show the public how exciting doing science is. We went to a...


ICZN Case 3407

Have you heard of the recent debate that has been roiling the biology world? There has been an application pending with the ICZN to reclassify the fruit fly genus. The famous Drosophila melanogaster, subject...