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Have you seen Foldit? It’s a video game where the goal is to fold proteins. Protein folding is a very interesting problem. If you sequence DNA, you can get an ordered list of the...



On our last day on Block Island, the beach was covered with these things: They’re clear and squishy, and about the size of a marble. I’ve seen them once or twice before on Plum...

Weather Spark 0

Weather Spark

We’ve found a new tool we’re in love with. It’s called WeatherSpark. It’s the ultimate website for weather data. It has great interactive charts which will show you just about anything. Here’s a view...

Democritean Universes in Minecraft 0

Democritean Universes in Minecraft

I’m currently reading Daniel Dennett’s book Freedom Evolves. It’s about how free will is possible in deterministic universes. To discuss his ideas, he needs some play universes in which to stage thought experiments. One...

The Danger of Cosmic Genius 0

The Danger of Cosmic Genius

About 30 years ago, Kenneth Brower wrote a wonderful book called The Starship and the Canoe. It’s about Freeman Dyson and his son George. It’s a wonderful book because it’s about so many different...

The Amoeba’s Tale 0

The Amoeba’s Tale

I mentioned Margret Atwood’s Twitter experiences back in March. The Guardian posted a nice interview with her the other day. It touches on science, literature, comics, hockey, and her new invention the Long Pen....

2 Square Meters 0

2 Square Meters

This is an awesome video that I saw of 2 sq. m of sunshine focused. It can melt any known substance in the world.

Ari Ne’eman 0

Ari Ne’eman

Wired has posted a great interview with Ari Ne’eman. If you’ve heard of Ari, then you’ve probably already heard some of the controversy (link1, link2, link3) about his appointment to the National Council on...

Dance Your PhD 0

Dance Your PhD

Have you heard of Dance Your PhD? PhD candidates submit videos of dance numbers which illustrate their thesis. Here’s one of the hits from this year: Which reminds me, we never did do a...



After Yosemite, we spent some time in San Francisco. One of the highlights of that stop was a visit to the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium is sort of the granddaddy of all modern science museums....