Author: Mike Garrity

Close the Libraries 1

Close the Libraries

Cory Doctorow points out this Fox News article arguing that we should close libraries because they’re a waste of public funds. It’s interesting, because as we pointed out in our post about Cory’s talk...


23andMe PLoS Genetics Paper

Researchers at 23andMe have used the data that they’ve been collecting to publish a paper in PLoS Genetics. They’ve been having their users fill out surveys about things like how curly their hair is...

Russell Kirsch Says He’s Sorry 0

Russell Kirsch Says He’s Sorry

Science News had a funny article the other day about Russell Kirsch who is believed to have scanned the first digital image when he worked at the National Bureau of Standards in 1957. He...

Hyperlinks & Footnotes 0

Hyperlinks & Footnotes

Christina Pikas recently wrote a post about an issue she has with Nicholas Carr’s new book. It hits on exactly what I was trying to say the other day, but it does a much...



We’ve been playing around with 23andme some more. We now have my mother’s data. That lets us look at more detail of what genes come from which side of the family. For example, if...

Driver’s Ed 0

Driver’s Ed

Tom turns 16 next month. You know what that means! We’ve got him signed up for driver’s ed. In mass, that shortens the process and helps on the insurance rates. The first step in...

Bedside Table 0

Bedside Table

I’ve been meaning to post some book reviews here, but I’ve just been too busy. Therefore, I’m going to post a bunch of quickies together in an attempt to get caught up. These are...


Maternal Haplogroups

We got email from 23andme yesterday that more of our DNA data was ready. You may remember that last time I talked about the maternal & paternal haplogroups. These are the two lines which...

Nicholas Carr Can’t Concentrate 2

Nicholas Carr Can’t Concentrate

Nicholoas Carr’s recent book The Shallows (and the article it’s based on in The Atlantic, and a more recent one in The Wall Street Journal) really bugged me. His basic argument is that reading...

DNA Testing Dogs 0

DNA Testing Dogs

All Things Considered had a couple of funny articles this week about a couple getting a DNA test for their dog. The first part is here. The second part is here.