Author: Mike Garrity


Nothing but Blue Skies

I worked in the graphics hardware group at Stellar back when Tom Van Sant created his wonderful image of the entire earth with no clouds. He created it using one of our GS1000 systems....


British Car Day

We went to British Car day at the Larz Anderson museum today. We saw some wonderful cars, like this Morgan trike. In the back, it has a couple of beer taps and a portrait...

The Basics 0

The Basics

Chris Harris recently took two of my favorite cars for a spin. It looks like an awful lot of fun, doesn’t it?



My first “real” programming jobs involved porting software to DEC’s new VMS operating system. VMS still exists today, but its days are certainly numbered. HP has just announced that they’re not porting it to...


20 Years

I bought a Miata back in 1993, and it’s been my daily driver ever since. It’s still a lot of fun to drive, but it’s getting some rust, and it’s not really as reliable...

Fun with Maps 0

Fun with Maps

We’ve been having a lot of fun recently with a game called GeoGuessr. It drops you into Google Maps Streetview at a random location, and you have to guess where you are. Our best...

Hugh Masekela 0

Hugh Masekela

As you may have heard, last week was kind of a rough one here in Boston. Everyone we know personally was relatively unaffected by all of the horrible goings-ons, but by the end of...



I’ve been cleaning up some old photos from my days hanging around Formula 1. The slides are in terrible shape. They’re dirty, and scratched, and faded. It hardly seems like it’s worth the amount...


Put A Ring On It

Peter’s robotics team finished their season at the state championships yesterday. It was kind of a rough day for them with lots of broken connectors and the smell of burned out motors. But they...


Inside The Box

We live around the corner from Moon Hill. That’s a famous collection of modernist houses which were designed by Walter Gropius’ students in the late 40’s. They were pretty small by today’s standards, so...