Author: Mike Garrity

Coder Girl 0

Coder Girl

We ran into this music video by Dale Chase on YouTube today. We all thought it was pretty good. It’s nice to see someone write hiphop about girls who do the sort of things...

The Big Picture: Apollo 11 0

The Big Picture: Apollo 11

The Big Picture is the Boston Globe’s photoblog. It’s really wonderful. They often have some great collections of photos. For example, today they have this collection of photos from the Apollo 11 mission.

Crocosmia 0


Here’s another interesting flower from our garden: It’s called crocosmia. I don’t think it’s really supposed to be hardy in our zone (zone 6), but our plant has consistently returned year after year putting...

Angels & Demons 1

Angels & Demons

I kind of enjoyed The DaVinci Code. It seemed to be an above average airport book. So I went back and tried to read Angels & Demons. I think I only got about 10...

We Choose the Moon 0

We Choose the Moon

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the JFK library has put together a neat website. It presents data from the mission in real time, but with a 40 year...

Tall Ships 0

Tall Ships

The tall ships were in Boston this week. We went down to see them this afternoon. They had large ships from all over the world. That’s the Sagres from Portugal in front and the...

So Many Books 0

So Many Books

The Millions has a list of some of the books that are coming out this year. There are several I’m really looking forward to. There’s a new Richard Powers, a new Thomas Pynchon, and...

Bees 1


Here’s another processing sketch we did about the same time as planets and ships. It’s very similar except that the ships are now bees and the cursor is the object that they’re attracted to....


Planets and Ships

This is a Processing sketch that Peter and I wrote a while ago. You should see a black square with a bunch of colored circles. Each circle is a planet. Now click to launch...

Poem for Today 0

Poem for Today

I don’t know how many people in the world want Legos, Greek science, and anagrams mixed with their poetry, but if you do, then The Great Order of the Universe by Christian Bök is...